Dia Morgan

Meet Dia Morgan - the "exuberance personified" pop artist and songwriter who showcases her enthusiast at life personality in her music.

Dia Morgan is a pop artist and songwriter who ties her “exuberance personified” personality to her creative lyrics and upbeat melodies. 

After spending two years serial creating, collaborating, and developing her talent under world renowned songwriting coach Judy Stakee (former SVP of Creative at Warner Chappell), Dia has begun releasing pop music and building her fan base.

Her first single - The Trouble I Can’t Fix - surpassed her Spotify streaming goal by 9.5x, leaving her with 95k streams so far. Between two songs, across Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud, Dia has independently racked up an impressive 117k+ streams.

With lyrics that show off her honestly and unique, outgoing perspective, and melody’s to make you feel good about life, Dia Morgan will surely leave you thinking about her.

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Stuff I’m Proud Of

Rain in Malibu

Rain in Malibu is an upbeat, feel good song with a slight erie, magical atmosphere. With Dia’s raspy voice on top of the plucky, bell synth that pulls the song together, you have a very powerful, hypnotizing song. At 140bpm with a powerful, chill energy, the song is perfect for either relaxing at the beach, or empowering you to run. With empowering lyrics, power in her voice, and subtle high energy, Rain in Malibu makes you feel good in every situation.

To follow up the release, Dia shared a “Behind The Song” video telling the story of making it rain in Malibu, and how that turned into a song.

Think of Me

Dia Morgan’s “Think of Me” is an upbeat dance song about an unapologetic girl’s desperate attempt for attention. The song’s captivating intro synth, clear vocal, and catchy melody immediately pull you in, leaving you with a painfully real lyric that will keep you coming back for more. Despite the singer’s story glamorizing vengeful behavior, subtle line pairings such as “So what I made out with the girl you brought…” and “you always wanted me to,” allow the listener to empathize with how unhealthy the relationship was and why she’s acting the way she is. Dia Morgan may not care what you think, but once you hear this song, you’ll be thinking of her.

The Trouble I Can’t Fix

Dia Morgan’s first release came from a place of self realization and frustration in her love life. After releasing the song because she was passionate about it, she was pleasantly surprised to see it surpass 100k streams on Spotify. The song gave Dia a taste of what she could do and the motivation to keep going.

Cheap Lullaby

Dia Morgan’s passion for music started as a songwriter. Listen to “Cheap Lullaby” - her first release with another artist.

Co-written with songwriter and artist Sammy Plotkin and producer Stephen Rivera, this hauntingly beautiful pop bop showcases the beauty of sadness.

With painfully beautiful melodies, Sammy’s heartbreaking voice, and lyrics that paint a picture of being in a bad place after, post-relationship. Every lyric was paired to purposefully pull you in, giving you twists with each line so you really feel something.


“This song is about my trainer’s girlfriend”

After 6 months of blind flirting, I met a girl that was perfect for him. When we met, I couldn’t even be mad, because she was perfect for him, so, instead, I wrote “Hate.” This happy pop-rock jam nostalgically dives into jealousy, anger, and self-comparison of a perfect girl that the man I had feelings for has feelings for. If you've ever wondered what happy-but-heart-broken sounds like, listen to this song to find out.