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Dia Morgan

Dia Morgan is a pop artist and songwriter who ties her “exuberance personified” personality to her creative lyrics and upbeat melodies. 

After spending two years serial creating, collaborating, and developing her talent under world renowned songwriting coach Judy Stakee (former SVP of Creative at Warner Chappell), Dia has begun releasing pop music and building her fan base.

Her first single - The Trouble I Can’t Fix - surpassed her Spotify streaming goal by 10x. Completely independently Dia has amassed 160k+ streams across platforms with her 3 single releases.

With lyrics that show off her honestly and unique, outgoing perspective, and melody’s to make you feel good about life, Dia Morgan will surely leave you thinking about her.


This song is about my trainer’s girlfriend.

After 6 months of blind flirting, I met a girl that was perfect for him. When we met, I couldn’t even be mad, because she was perfect for him, so, instead, I wrote “Hate.” This happy pop-rock jam nostalgically dives into jealousy, anger, and self-comparison of a perfect girl that the man I had feelings for has feelings for. If you've ever wondered what happy-but-heart-broken sounds like, listen to this song to find out.


PRODUCER: Stephen Rivera