ESTICOandGRIFF - Break First

SONG: Break First


WRITER(S): ESTICO and Griffith Frank


WHY I'M SHARING IT: Griffith Frank, you know, the GRIFF part of ESTICOandGRIFF, has been such a great mentor, coach, and friend to me, that I want to support him in any way I can. On top of that, you can see my back and curly hair in the video at 3:08, and again at 3:44, so basically, I'm a star.

WHY I LIKE IT: Griffith's voice is soothing like a babies lullaby, but sexy. Listening to him go "let it allll come downnnn" with ESTICO just puts the whole thing over the top. Plus, I'm really into the sophisticated yet poppy production that ESTICO created for this.


Well done boys!