Dia Morgan

While Dia was on her way to film an interview in Malibu for her day job, her boss looked at her and said "it's a shame it's so dry out here. This drought is really taking a toll on us."

 Dia thought for a second and responded with "I know a rain dance" and without hesitation started to sing it. 

Forgetting about the idea, she conducted the interview, packed up, and heard a crack of thunder. That's when she realized the power of manifestation, her words, and her intention. So, Dia wrote Rain in Malibu to remind herself that if she can do something as nearly impossible as making it rain in Malibu, she can make anything she dreams into a reality.

Rain in Malibu is meant to empower anyone to think extraordinarily, as we are all made of magic, and the more we tell ourselves "I can be anything I want to be" the more great things will happen in our world.

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