What Does EDM Music Mean To Me?

While head banding at EDC with a grin from cheek to cheek, I heard a voice saying “I want what she’s on.” Little did the man know, I was sober, and my drug of choice is simply the music. Every vibration resonates my soul, taking me higher, and higher. 

Although my music library is the craziest cocktail of genres, and each song takes me to a new place, lately I feel like a majority of my vibing has been to EDM music…much like the rest of society.

I find the exponential growth in EDM’s audience to be fascinating. See, human beings crave bold familiarity, which electronic music gives us. Although it’s been around since 1970’s Kraftwerk, engineering frequencies is a baby compared to the hundreds of years we’ve been listening to more traditional instruments, such as the violin and guitar.

EDM is unconventional. It’s adventurous. It’s masterpieces built of balancing a concoction of man-made sound waves. It’s comprehendible, yet undeniably different from everything we knew music to be in the past 500 years.

And it’s accessible.

More music is being published daily than ever before. Which only means there’s more music to be discovered, and, as a musicaholic, I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve found so many soul enriching, life enhancing EDM songs, that have become the soundtrack to some of my favorite memories. From thrashing at summer camp to “Cinema - Skrillex Remix,” to my fastest 1-mile run, backed by “Frontlines,” I love the endorphins my brain produces while listening to EDM, and can’t wait to continue discovering what’s out there.

Dia Chaimovitz