If Today Were A Fairytale...

If today were a fairytale, I would wake up, learn something cool in class, because of course, fairytale me is following her dream and is studying music. If today were a fairytale, I’d get a text from Chipotle saying you won a Kindle. If today were a fairytale see I all time favorite artist, Mike Posner, perform in an intimate concert for about 60 people, meet him after, have him see how much he’s taught and inspired me, and get his autograph. Bonus points if he gives me a gift and signs it TO ME.

Today was a fairytale.

Today was perfect.

I am a huge Mike Posner fan. I’ve listened to and loved his music since his first mixtape in 2009. There’s something about his music that I connected to. His style, his dreams, his story. Since age 14, Mike Posner has inspired me, and he continues to do so with more force than ever before. But something about what Mike Posner is doing right now is spectacular. To understand, you can read here. He reminds me of what’s important.

Life is all about balancing working hard, loving every moment of everyday, and learning to oneself. If you live each day with this in mind, life can be a fairytale.

Today my hero gave me a jacket and signed it “To Dia.” Today was a fairytale, and tomorrow will be, too. I was reminded that life is good and I should be happy exactly where I am. I saw that the positive vibes a person emulates will come back and reward you. 

Mike Posner, thank you for being a genuinely good man. You are goals. You make me want to better myself as an artist and overall better human being. Thank you for being my role model.

Current Mike Posner Favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1tSfQbtKMU

Favorite Mike Posner Song from the past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO6nbYvAQ5Q

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